The U.K’s Top Flying Phobia Expert As Featured On The BBC

Christopher Paul Jones is the U.K’s top fear of flying expert who has helped hundreds of fearful flyers overcome their personal flying phobia.

As featured on the BBC’s ‘Skies Above Britain’ documentary, Chris rapidly became the expert in his field, and those who he has helped from his Harley Street Clinic include Models, Actors and Musicians.

Now the author of the Amazon Bestseller ‘Face Your Fear Of Flying Chris is on a mission to help as many people as possible around the world, overcome their fear of flying.


Just four days after my session with Christopher, I boarded a 12-hour flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At the airport, I felt an unusual sense of calm going through customs, took my seat quite happily, and chatted away with my friends as the flight took off (which I didn’t give a second thought about).


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